Coast to Coast Spain (“CTCS ”), is a trading name of Josh Christopherson's business.  We have family connections with Coast to Coast Surf Adventures in Scotland but are separate business.

BOOKING                                                                                                                                                                                                     When you request to book a Coast to Coast Spain trip & once your booking request is confirmed by CTCS via email, both parties enter an agreement.
A deposit payment (30% of total amount) should be paid within 5 days of the booking confirmation. The remaining 70%  must be paid 10 weeks before the stated date of the trip. 

Where a booking is made for a party in excess of one person, the Lead person signing the booking form accepts responsibility for payment for everyone listed on the booking and is responsible for ensuring that all other persons listed on the booking form have read the the terms and conditions below and are aware of the booking details.

Coast to Coast Spain will make every effort to accommodate any changes however this may not be always possible due to the nature of the service we provide.  CTCS reserves the right to move or change trip dates due to any unforeseen circumstances. We will endeavour to help facilitate these changes with you and keep you informed of any issues that would cause a change in dates as soon as they are known to us.

You can cancel your trip with CTCS at any point. Cancellations must be sent via email. The cancellation charges are payable as follows unless the customer communicates, and we accept, that exceptional circumstances have occurred that prevent the customer from joining the trip in which case, cancellation charges may be refunded in whole or in part. If the costumer finds another person to take over his cancelled space, cancelation charges may not apply. Any such decision will be at the sole discretion of CTCS.

Notice of cancellation:

-Over 1O weeks – deposit only ( 30% of the total trip price)
-From 10 weeks to 36 days– 50% of total cost                                                                                                                                             --From 35 days – 100% of total cost

This refers to the specific place, time & date from where we will be starting/ finishing the trip, as specified on the website and in the booking confirmation email. It is your responsibility to get to this location on time to join the group or you can join at another point if you wish to use your own transport at your own cost. It is only from this specified time & place that CTCS has obligations to the signed holiday contract and no other locations or times..

You are responsible for your travel arrangements to get to the trip starting point. CTCS cannot be held responsible for any delays or other problems which may arise with travel companies used by you to get to the trip starting point. If your transport to the trip starting point is delayed (or cancelled), or you miss your flight and you do not arrive within time you will have to pay  for and arrange your own transfer to the accommodation. If it is reasonably possible for us to assist your arrangements in such circumstances we will do so but any such assistance is at our discretion and may not be available.

CTCS provide transport during the trip as a courtesy service: it is optional & not included in the price. You can use your own transport if it is your preference. This free transport includes airport pick up & drop off, (Trip starting point & finishing point), transport to surf spots and optional scheduled excursions.
All liability with regard to sharing fellow customers transportation is with the driver and their vehicle insurance. If using 
Coast to Coast Spain vehicles free of charge this will again be subject to the vehicle insurance policy.

Payment for the trip is received via bank transfer and it is due 10 weeks prior to the start date of the trip. The whole amount is due to participate in the trip regardless of you deciding you require to take the accommodation, coaching, equipment hire or food included in the price.
If payment is not received within this time frame your place on the trip will be forfeited.

Travel insurance is a requirement for all guests booking a trip with CTCS. Please also ensure that your policy covers you for "disruption to travel" and "cover for cancellations" as standard.  You may need to add additional cover for water sports & medical insurance.
It is a requirement of our water sports insurer that you have travel insurance. Our accommodation has third party insurance. Failure to take out travel insurance breaks the contract between CTCS and the client.

All of the following services are included: water sports coaching( with exception of windsurf), accommodation, surf board hire & food (breakfast & lunch). Everything outside the above is not included in the price.

CTCS aims to facilitate the best quality adventures but we are not responsible for poor surf or bad weather. In the event of flat waves or stormy conditions during the trip, we will offer alternative activities to see you get the most out of the 
available natural conditions. This may include SUP, surf skate, mountain bike... etc. We will adjust the schedule of the surf sessions to get the most out of the available conditions.

Remember it is in the nature of the sport, sometimes the ocean is on your side and sometimes it is not.

Surf spots are often in natural environments that we do not control. Although we thoroughly risk asses any surf spot we visit, caution must be taken at all times. CTCS cannot be held responsible for unforeseen dangers (not presented normally and not recorded in the risk assessments) like for example, a wild animal attack, tsunamis, earthquakes etc. 

It is understood that you agree to these dangers when booking.

(i) Our obligations are limited to providing the coaching and these and any service or facility included in the trip schedule, are to take reasonable skill and care to arrange for the provision of such services and facilities and, where we are actually providing the service or facility, to provide them and to do so with reasonable skill and care.
If you wish to make any claim you must show that reasonable skill and care has not been used . Standards of, for example, safety, hygiene and quality vary throughout the transport and destinations that your trip may involve. Sometimes these standards will be lower than those which would be expected to be found in the UK or elsewhere in Europe.
The services and facilities included in your trip will be deemed to be provided with reasonable skill and care if they comply with any local regulations which apply or, if there are no applicable local regulations, if they are reasonable when compared to the local standards and customs. Coast to Coast Spain takes no responsibility for any extra costs the customer may face from cancellation of a surf trip subject to external factors out with Coast to Coast Spain's control. Examples of this could be ferries/ flights/ trains being cancelled, pollution incidents, pandemics, war or terrorism. This list is not exclusive.


Coast to Coast Spain does not own any of the accommodation we stay in. We liaise with the accommodation provider on your behalf and may be able to help you with any complaint, however we are not liable for accommodation related issues.  Any liability claim you may have would have to be pursued with the accommodation provider. The customer agrees to compensate for any loss of or damage to the building, furniture and contents of the house as a result of improper use. Damage to the house and its contents must be reported immediately to CTCS. 

The trips organised by Coast to Coast Spain carry a degree of risk both to people and property, even if under proper 
supervision by qualified instructors. It is also a strenuous activity that requires those taking part to have a reasonable 
standard of swimming and fitness.
Our surf sessions carry moderate risk of minor cuts and bruises and a very small risk of more serious incident. However, all our instructors follow robust operational procedures to reduce these risks as far as possible without impeding the adventurous nature of the activity.
All customers participating in our activities must make the CTCS aware of any medical conditions, illnesses or allergies which might affect their ability to safely participate in the activities of the trip. 
You need to let us know, for example, if you are pregnant or suffering from a heart condition.
We also expect customers to follow instructions from our staff at all times for your own safety.
All customers must be able to swim 100m.
No customer should participate in our activities while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication.                CTCS does not seek to limit or exclude any liability for personal injury or loss of life which may occur as a result of its own negligence or that of its employees, officers or agents however, CTCS assumes no liability in respect of personal injury, loss, damage, consequential loss or third party claims which occur through no fault of its own, its employees, officers or agents. All other liability or conditions implied by law are excluded to the fullest extent possible. 
COVID 19                                                                                                                                                                                             Costumers must adhere to the Spanish Covid 19 regulations while in Spain, and please note they may differ from the regulations of your country of origin.

Coast to Coast Spain’s senior instructors will confirm, on a daily basis, if weather or sea conditions render it unsafe to go in the waves and their decision will be final. Although instructors will be caring for your sea safety, all taking part must be aware of rips/currents (how they work, what to do if caught in). Customers should also be aware of surf etiquette and the rules of surfing with other people (priority system, no drop ins).
If going in the sea outside the scheduled supervised surf sessions, you are responsible for your own well being in the surf and coastal zone.

It is a condition of hire that customers agree to return equipment in a satisfactory undamaged condition with leashes 
coiled and wetsuits (when applicable) washed inside out.
Should any equipment be returned in a damaged condition, Coast to Coast Spain reserves the right to charge a fee to cover the cost of the repair. Any damage to or loss must be reported immediately and it is a condition of hire that the customer will be responsible for any damage or loss occurring. It is a condition of hire that customer agrees to compensate for any and all loss of or damage to the hired equipment including, if required, the replacement of the hired equipment. 


FOOD                                                                                                                                                                                                               Food included in the trip, will be prepared conforming to Safe Food Handling good practice by a trained cook (UK & EU). It is your responsibility to make the chef aware of any food allergy or intolerances that you may suffer.


DATA                                                                                                                                                                                                                    All costumer's data collected by CTCS will never be used outside the company. We do not share our information with third companies. Your contact details will be stored with the aim of direct communication between both parts only. You can request to have your details removed (deleted) from our records  at any point.

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We have family connections with Coast to Coast Surf Adventures in Scotland but are separate business.


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